Wednesday, June 17, 2020

July 20th

It was July 20th, the summer of 2017.

The state of where I was and how the day went, is weirdly still quite clear to me until now. After spending three weeks exploring Italy and Germany, I went back to Trondheim. I took off from Berlin TXL to Trondheim via Oslo. I think I haven't traveled through TXL before so I was a bit on edge, but I kinda got a hang of it after being cautious for three weeks from traveling kind of 'solo' -and I was so ready to go home. 

TXL was still on construction so I just kept my mind focus on checking my bags, getting food, going to my gate, wait, and just make sure I didn't miss the flight. Arriving at Oslo, I was so close to missing my connecting flight. For domestic transfer, you have to wait at the transfer gate until your name appears at the transfer screen. Man, time is ticking so slow when you wait. When my name finally pops up, I ran to my gate - and yep, I'm the last one to board. One thing I cannot remember though, did people stare at me for running and being 'late'? I didn't check, I tried to find my seat as fast as I can.

Arriving in Trondheim, I waited for my luggage and until the last bag, mine is nowhere to be found.  The second time it happened that summer. I suppose when my name pops up at the transfer screen, my bag couldn't catch up with my running to the gate. Whether if it's the weeks of training or the effect of the connecting flights, I was way off from being on edge. I just went to the airline office, sign some papers, and went to the bus to get home. I got all I need on my 3 euro tote bag I got from a stationery shop in Berlin. 

I got home, made dinner, and since days are long, went for a walk to the fort uphill a few kilometers from my place. Arrived just in time to enjoy the sun setting in the city. I thought I'd have more tangible memories to recall the day than what I have written above, and upon scrolling at pictures on my phone, this one and only picture is the only thing I took that whole day. 

Probably, what took me off the edge that day was because it was kind of a day where things end and new things started. And probably, what made this day weirdly still quite clear to me until now it's because somehow that's how the adjustment bureau wants me to remember it: one picture and a full set of memory. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Every person has their own ways of keeping memories -or not keeping it. As a very nostalgic person, I tend to keep a lot of things (in tangible form) mostly for sentimental reasons. I have been writing diaries and journals, probably since elementary school. Filling diaries with mundane kinds of stuff, boy-crush, teen-angst, to more introspective jot downs as I grew older. My laptop, phone, and external storage are almost always full of digital photos, and there are envelopes of printed pictures on my desk. Not to forget, food wraps, tickets from concerts, postcards, are scattered in my room.

Writing has been somehow therapeutic for me. It allows me to understand my feelings and rationalize it. Just like how you take notes in class to reread it again before a test; sometimes I re-read the things I wrote to recall memories, to see if I made progress, to see if any feelings change, basically to test my-self. There was once a period where I refuse to write things down, just because I don't want to make memories out of it. Some feelings and thoughts end up being buried somewhere in me, resurface as it pleases, and leaving me without control over it. 

With pictures, it's really more of a nostalgia. There are now apps that let you know what picture you took this date years ago. On certain days, you might get a simultaneous year of throwbacks, taking you year-by-year back. Re-calling memories visually often brings my thoughts to "this time last year, everything was totally different." Different kind of pictures can trigger good or bad feelings. Nonetheless, it visually shows changes (or no changes). 

But then, the relation of memories and the phrase "moving-on" become such a tricky phrase in this context. Re-calling memories doesn't mean you lived in the past and not being present. I believe people moved on from memories in their own unique ways. These memories have been a part of one's life. Though no longer present, I personally think it will never be entirely gone because it has made us and brought us to where we are today. Basically, we're stuck with it. But one thing to keep in mind, memories of the past better not hold us back from being present and pursuing a better future.

PS: multiple exposure photo-esque sourced from JPS

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Some place

"once a year go someplace you've never been before" - Dalai Lama
For a couple of times, when I have the chance, I went to explore Sentul to get some quick refreshment out of the city. One of the places is this mini waterfall, called Leuwi Cepet. There are a few other waterfalls in the area that you also can explore. By a mini waterfall, it's basically a water stream. But I can assure you, the water is clear and super fresh (compared to the hot and humid outdoors).

To get there, you can actually find it on Google Maps under Leuwi Hejo. Mind you the road is narrow with a cliff on one side also quite a steep road. Transportation wise, you better be prepared. Since Leuwi Hejo is one of the well-known waterfalls in the area, you'll see signage pointing you to the location and also the parking site.

From the parking site, you'll need to walk a few hundred meters to the entry point where you pay 15k IDR per person to enter the area. From then on, you just walk following the path. Leuwi Hejo is the lowest part waterfall. But you can choose to hike a few hundred meters (I suppose in length, not in height) to find other waterfalls. For Leuwi Cepet you also need to pay around another 10k IDR per person. There are numerous warung along the way, life vest rental, and also toilets. So you need not worry if you get tired or hungry along the way.

Maybe the video won't do much information but that's what internet is for, right?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Turns out people really do change

I used to believe, people don't change. I may be wrong. But am I?

(Case study)
There was a time last year when I lost all the clues about myself. Nothing I did feels right, even doing a habit feels wrong. Everything feels like it's just running around in circles. Seemingly, something changed within me that I hadn't realized. Things cannot be solved with the old way because I am not the same person anymore. 

Fast forward to the present day, I'm still connecting dots and trying put together every piece of puzzles. I don't think this 'change' will ever end. But then, I'd like to think of it as growth rather than change. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Keeping Memories Alive

Time went by so fast when you're having fun and suddenly it's February! It has been a cold-cold winter -well, what do you expect from living in the North-. It was freezing as low as -8 deg C the past few days with the clear sky and sun making it 4 degrees lower than it is. However, winter vs. sun, sun wins! So me and a couple of friends decided to layer up and geared up to hit the snow in the most student way: sledging!

Here's a short snippet of it!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Unforeseen Circumstances

Sometimes we go on this journey. With a story unwritten even unforeseen. It is written as it goes and in the way, it surprises you in ways you couldn't even imagine. For me, ‘this’ particular journey I had this summer was one of it.

It began with familiarizing oneself to one own self if that would make sense. It’s the introduction to the journey. It didn’t say much about the journey ahead, but there’s a glimpse of hope, excitement, and a tease of the element of surprise. At the end, there’s this some sort of conflict that was addressed. It pushed to the need of resolution that would need to be followed up by the next chapter.


This is the part where everything seems to be drastically pouring in. A lot of this and that in addition to the conflict introduced in the prologue. But the whole thing is actually about surviving. It's like peeling layers of onions. Except, the onion is you. Each moment is a conflict itself which requires its own solution. And if you try to see in a bigger picture, these little moments might be a part of a solution to the big problem. Here lied the part where in the story you were being torn apart, you were put into a test -to the deepest-darkest-forest-, and still, you needed to be able to breathe and make your way out. Here, it was also the part where you would finally found that the weapon to face the Last King standing, lies within you. I mean it has been your journey all along. People you meet along the way were your clue, your aid, but they are not you. Gosh, that sounded super cheesy, but hey, you found the cure, the sword, the whatever. Nope, but it didn’t end there.


The last part is probably as crucial as the Monologue. This is where it all get tested. This is where you gather all your weapon and getting ready to face your ultimate mission. There will be hesitation, but hey, you have got everything you need now! This part might challenge you more as you might take one step forward and two steps back. But no! Thou shall not back down. As this may also become a prologue to the next journey, there’s always a glimpse of hope, excitement, and a tease of the element of surprise.

PS: Making everything go as planned is not easy --as universe always tackles you, but we'll see.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Syttende Mai

May 17th is known as Norway's national day. This year, it started as a really gloomy day. Clouds were really hanging in the sky. They usually start the day with a festive breakfast. We did too, had some waffle,pancakes, and some bubbly rose before heading out to the city. 

Practically everybody in Trondheim is on the street. I've never seen so many people on the street before. There's a parade in the city center and everyone joins in. Children, militaries, social clubs (moustache club included --yes there's a moustache club), dance club, seniors, veterans, you name it! They parade with bands or with music or even by singing. 

The prettiest thing might be the traditional clothes that people are wearing. A lot of men and women (and kids -- the cutest!) are wearing them. I'm eyeing myself on one, but it's also know to be really expensive because of the intricate detail of the embroidery. 

A little later in the afternoon, after the parade, the sun is up and it's pretty warm out. I didn't want to go back home just yet. So we got some burger and some fries (been drooling for some juicy patty for sometime) and sat on the grass and enjoy the sun.

Definitely a thing to look forward to! Til next year!