Friday, April 28, 2017

Windshield View

Seems that the Iceland experience is really hard to move on from. So here's a little (more) story and some pictures to accompany you dreaming about the place ('cause I'm still hung up on it too).

We rent two cars, one under my name and the other one under my friend's, making us the registered driver. Sound's fancy, huh? The first two days, my back and my neck was hurting because of the tension of driving in a new place. In Indonesia we drive on the left side of the road while in Iceland we drive on the right side. Also we didn't want to get into any trouble so I always drove under the speed limit (with the limit technology on the dashboard it just made everything easier, thanks technology!).

The rest of the trip, driving came naturally again for me. Hours of driving everyday didn't tire me (only made me sleepy in the evening, but that's where co-driver came handy). What made it even more easier is the view. It's a total relaxation and totally eye-pleasing.

Most of it of course are mountains, some covered in greens and covered in snow. The one that is heavily covered in snow, is pure awesomeness, but when you're driving it's also a wonderful device blazing glare :'). But who would complain when you're blessed with such amazing view? I obviously didn't (I just put my sunnies on and problem solved). Another unforgettable views are the sunsets. There's a romantic sense when the sun peeked behind the mountains and its rays cut through the assembly of the clouds.

Since I have to keep my eyes on the road all the time, I only had like split of a second to glanced the view on the left or on the right. It also wouldn't make sense if I'd be taking the pictures. So, none of these memories are possible without the help of my wonderful co-driver, Einstein (he's social media shy so there's no link to all his brilliancies). All pictures are courtesy of his (though I should have credits for the camera :P and all the "command" for him to take the picture, I taught him well, I guess - me taking credit for everything). 

Bye for now, Iceland!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hashtag: Squad Goals!

As a trained-extroverted introvert, it is still sometimes difficult for me to find comfort in myself in the middle of a large group (read:more than two or three). I might have doubted myself too much going on the Iceland trip though. As were mentioned in previous post, we were 9 people and we're going on a road trip. That's quite a lot together time for a group travel in my opinion. 

We were divided into two cars, multiple bedrooms and sofas, large food preparation, long bath queue, and small walking groups. But these people are just the best! So here's a tribute to endless Boomerangs (I can't stop re-watching), wefies, and group pictures!


Kudos to us and cheers to friendship!! #squadgoals

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Land of Ice and Fire

During easter break, 9 of us went to Iceland for "vacation" and such an escape from school (and work). To be honest, I doubted that I could handle myself being with 9 people intensely for 10 days, nonetheless we survived without any scratch!! 

We walked, we drove through the sun, we drove through snow storm, we hiked, we bathed in the river, we bathe in thermal baths, we bath under the mountains, we walked on the beach, we walked on the glacier lagoon, we see northern lights, anything you could've dream of. There area thousands pictures of places that we went to and million of memories and stories to share. But even pictures and words cannot clearly describe the experience, and it wouldn't do justice to the place itself.

The best thing that I can share here is these videos of our journey, made by a talented friend of mine, Greatania J.







PS: Go spend your birthday in Iceland, cause it is LEGENDARY. True story.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Let It Snow!

My first snow in Trondheim! Winter has truly arrived and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible (and hopefully not getting dreaded by it later). Well, since it's going to last for quite a while up here, might as well enjoy every part of it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


We took a short trip to Verona from Venice to get a break from the city. I was mesmerised by the city. It was really beautiful. We stopped by the bridge on the side of Castelvecchio and enjoyed a bit of the sunset. 

We went inside Castelvecchio, a restoration masterpiece by Carlo Scarpa. The simplicity of his delicate design and material selection is amazing. 

Last but not least, we went to Casa di Giuletta to meet Juliet and had a little experience on trying our luck ; )

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia

The campus orientation week started earlier this week. We had some meetings, games, barbeques, and today is another game called "Trondheim Games". We were given some challenges, questions, checkpoints, in which if we can answer the questions, challenges and find the check points we will get points for our team. It was really fun! But, the highlight of today was meeting with other Indonesian families here in Trondheim and celebrating our Independence Day. We went to Kristiansen Fort and then the famous Gamle Bybro and took family pictures!

Another extra highlight, congratulations for Indonesian Mixed Doubles Badminton in Rio Olympics for giving Indonesia first gold medal in the 2016 olympics just right at our Independence Day! Best gift!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hello from Trondheim!

Checking in from Trondheim, Norway. I arrived a few days ago, and since then it has been cloudy and rainy and windy. But today (in a late summer) it's sunny all day. Me and my friends decided to stroll around campus and up to a nearby lake. On the walks, tt hits me on how lucky I am to be here. The sceneries are (well, so far) a feast to my eyes. It's really something that I thought I'd only see in books. Hoping for a great journey ahead!

*crossing fingers*